"nakato" the brand that values honesty which brings reliability, that offers the quality products made from particular raw material with a lot of time and effort spent and that provides the culture to enjoy eating occasions.








During the Taisho era (1912-1926), when traditional dietary culture remained strong,
our founder, Toichiro Nakashima, experienced the enriched dietary culture of Europe and America.
He was astounded at how tasty they were, in stark contrast to Japanese food at that time,
while being highly nutritious, and decided to introduce high quality products from various
part of the world to Japan, with the aim of improving Japanese dietary culture.
"Aiming to provide only the best products to customers."
Subsequently, he made a very careful product selection, and significantly developed the Japanese dietary culture.

99 years after our company was founded, plenty of food with high nutritional value is available and consumed today.
Back to the founder's teachings again at a time when a sense of values and life styles are changing rapidly,
we intend to create the best products that can be enjoyed at ease and to provide the culture to enjoy eating occasions
through our brand "nakato", named after the founder.

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